Kaspa: The Community and the Human Element

By Cøcønut Shark

Relationships and Connections

This is what is unique to us as human beings. All of us are made for relationships and connections. Everything we do, whether for family, society, or even one's individual interests, is to further the common good, and our actions benefit our fellow humans. Personally, I am an introvert who loves spending time alone. Sometimes, this means cozying up with a book and a nice cup of coffee on a rainy day, or maybe it's taking a walk down an empty street while thinking about times past. But even despite my love to be alone, I also crave connection with others. We humans are made with a unique capacity to love. It makes us different from robots, even highly specialized tech like AI. Love involves vulnerability. Every time we love, we risk being hurt by another. This is something so unique, so dangerous, and yet so satisfying when we are able to love and be loved by another.

Now, don't get me wrong. Not every relationship we make with our fellow human beings must be exclusive or romantic. It is healthy for us to connect with others, form acquaintanceships and friendships, meet with coworkers, and engage with family members. So, in my quest to make more of these connections in my own life, I am always attuned to some of the latest technology, which I have found to help make these encounters possible. Technology is a tool that has brought people together from all around the globe. This rang especially true in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, which seemed to only estrange us even more from one another as we sorted out ways to grow past this hardship. Technology, especially video conferencing, instant messaging, and online shopping experiences, made life more tolerable since we did not need to relinquish all hope of communication and relationships amid the seemingly uncontrollable chaos.

The need for efficiency and speed is essential in the ever-changing, fast-paced environment in which we find ourselves. That is one of the reasons why I have such an appreciation for how technology has impacted how we conduct business, although it also poses challenges. I am a big subscriber to the belief that the more efficiently and accurately we can do specific tasks, the more time and energy is preserved for us to be human. We are human beings, after all, not human doings. Being able to just exist near another or be alone is indispensable and precious. This being said it is possible to fall into the trap of chasing after efficiency with little sense of reality. Investing in meaningful relationships is way more than speed and accomplishment. Depending on how technology is used, it can be very constructive towards building up these relationships and connecting people with each other. I mean, who doesn't appreciate the ease of doing laundry while simultaneously brewing a cup of coffee? This could even be an interesting blog or podcast. Maybe it looks like a subscription to Parameterless….

So, as I spent my days scrolling through the internet, watching cat videos and whatever the latest memes the world wide web can throw at me, I landed across a fascinating new technology, a cryptocurrency called Kaspa. What initially drew me in was the promise of Kaspa to make transactions faster than ever before. If Kaspa can make connections between businesses and between people, then I thought it would be worth my while to check out what was behind all the buzz. I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only was the technology of Kaspa solid as it was built as an original idea from the ground-up, but there is a fantastic community of people behind this fascinating project.

Kaspa (KAS) is a cryptocurrency that was written with the same principles as Bitcoin (BTC). The first cryptocurrency took the world by storm in 2009. It follows the ideas and spirit of the creator of BTC, Satoshi Nakamoto. Instead of a blockchain, which is a decentralized and transparent financial ledger, Kaspa implements the novel BlockDAG technology, which allows for secure and incredibly faster transactions than any crypto or fiat currency. Kaspa solves the cryptocurrency "trilemma," which is the issue that many cryptocurrencies face. The trilemma refers to a cryptocurrency's need for decentralization, scalability, and security. Most cryptocurrencies can only focus on two of those at the cost of the third, but not Kaspa. Kaspa is an original thought that can achieve all three aspects and at breakneck speeds.

I joined the ride of the Kaspa journey because of the cutting-edge technology. Still, I ended up sticking around for the community. It is really is something truly unique when there are people who are incredibly intelligent and understand things like Technical Analysis and the intricacies behind cryptocurrency transactions. They are willing to interact with people like me who enjoy memeing around and talking about a shared love of Pepsi Max. There are miner developers, translators from around the world, marketing spokespeople, price analysts, exchange representatives, KAS buyers, KAS hodlers, KAS sellers, KAS miners, and even people who are just interested in futuristic tech that all can hang out and have a healthy, enjoyable conversation. Most cryptocurrencies cannot boast of having the best of both worlds: solid tech and solid community. Kaspa has managed to achieve both. Kaspa has made it easier for myself and others to be people again while on the doing side the transactions process in the background at just mere seconds.

Kaspa enables people to make connections like no other cryptocurrency can. It links businesses and people together by making it super easy and fast to conduct transactions. Even more importantly, the community makes every decision about the project. The community is made up of people from all walks of life. It's the connections that I made with this community that have driven me to be such a big supporter of this novel technology. The community members, most of whom interact on the Discord platform, are some of the most genuine people with whom I have had the privilege to spend time. We can discuss crucial decisions and developments that improve the cryptocurrency and the community. Furthermore, we can also share many laughs and stories with each other as we form new connections and share a common vision of a better future. Kaspa is one part of the future, and you, too, can be a part of this future. To learn more about Kaspa and focus more on connections, check out the book by Nathaniel Crowningshield (@Bubblegum Lightning) and look at the Kaspa website. Feel free to join the Discord or Telegram servers and engage with the community on all the social media platforms. I hope that Kaspa and the amazing community behind it can make a difference in your life as it has mine.

Cøcønut Shark is a Kaspa Community Discord Helper and a great friend of everyone he comes into contact with. Stop by the Discord, say hi, and make a new friend!

The Book of Kaspa - Now in Audio!

"The Book of Kaspa: Realizing the Nakamoto Dream," written by N.R. Crowningshield. Dive headfirst into the digital realm of Kaspa, an ingenious cryptocurrency redefining how we see digital finance. Built on an innovative BlockDAG architecture and powered by the robust GHOSTDAG protocol, Kaspa is ready to sprint ahead of traditional blockchain systems like Bitcoin and Ethereum.